About the Mustangers

A Mustanger is an Ambassador for the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce and a member of a special group within the Chamber. They are an important part of the day to day operations of the Chamber. Mustangers are goodwill representatives of the organization (the Chamber) that work for business and community interests in Mesquite. The Mustangers commitment and participation in Chamber activities is greatly appreciated. The volunteering of their time is needed and worthwhile to the Chamber of Commerce, the City and the Community. Mustanges can be recognized at events by their red blazers. They conduct ribbon cuttings for new Chamber members, serve as hosts at the monthly Chamber luncheons, actively encourage new Chamber memberships, as well as other support activites for the Chamber.

Why be a Mustanger?

  • Opportunity to a be leader in the community by assisting the business community through the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce
  • New business contacts
  • Active involvement in the Chamber
  • Visibility in the community

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Mustanger, please contact the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce by phone 972-285-0211 or email info@mesquitechamber.com